I need a lesson!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can somebody school me in this?
Inform me of their menu items for morning, noon and night. I need to know what you like from here. What is your fave? What should I try? I hear about and see a pinkish colored tea. Right???

I can honestly say that I have been here one time. It was a few years back and I ordered an Iced Mocha and I did not like it. It was way too strong. But I think it's time for a second chance.

I like love Iced Mocha's! My favorite coffee house was called Java Jazz and then they closed and took my heart mocha with them! I have searched for one like theirs and seems there is none to be found. :( As hard as it is I must move on.

So please enlighten me of this place you call Starbucks.


  1. Too funny...when I drink coffee here I only order a hot (don't do cold coffee :) "triple mocha w'skim milk and half the chocolate syrup w'whip cream"...very good without being too strong or sweet...then I add NOTHING else ;D
    The pink "tea" is the tazo berry blend tea and it is very good cold w'no sugar added. Then I add spleda myself cause they use too much. Hope this helps :D

  2. I have always gotten the same thing for the past 8 years! Carmel Frappicino (not sure on spelling LOL) with 1/2 the ice! You can now order it with more coffee, soy or low fat milk, etc. I get 1/2 the ice so it's more like an iced coffee. It's so good! I want one now :)

  3. Th nice thing about Starbucks [worked there for 2 years] is that ANYTHING is customizable. I am partial to their green tea, I like it unsweetened with a splash of lemonade... for coffee, their Caramel Macchiato is very very good, melted/mixed. It's basically just vanilla syrup with caramel and then the shots of espresso are added to melt the caramel[normally they are put on top of the milk with the caramel]... then milk! It's sweet with not too strong of a coffee flavor!

    Hope that helps! lol =D

    If not just talk to one of the baristas and tell them what you like, they'll help you! :)

  4. I would definitely try the frappuccinos (sp?).
    The caramel and double chocolate chip are 2 of our favorites!
    My new favorite drink though is to get their chocolate banana smoothie and substitute white chocolate instead of dark chocolate...it is amazing!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm hearing lots of caramel! Yum!

    @Roberta - tazo berry blend tea? Thanks! @Heidi Jane Blankets - Sorry to make you want one now. lol! @Kamrie- Nice to have tips from a pro (she worked there) now I can go in and act like I know what I'm ordering. ;) @Hope - Do they actually put chocolate chips in?

    Thanks girls!

  6. I LOVE all of their cold drinks! Esp. the iced teas! Yum! If you tell the barista that you're 'new' to Starbucks they'll often tell you to try your drink and if you don't like it they'll make you another for free!!!! YAY! Thanks for visiting my blog btw!

  7. I love Starbucks, but I find their menu board extremely confusing. They don't list everything that they have available, which I find frustrating. So, like someone said above, talk to one of the baristas, explain what you're wanting, and they're sure to offer a solution that you'll love!

  8. I would have to say iced caramel white mocha, lite ice.

    I always change my mochas to white mochas as they are a little mellower (if that is even a word)

  9. @Heather - Thanks for the tip on the free one if I don't like! And yeah I think I'm wanting a tea too. But probably cause it's hot here.

    @Heidi- a confusing menu board? You're scaring me. ;)

  10. Here are a few drinks I order, hot white chocolate mocha with or without carmel drizzle, or iced white chocolate mocha, or white chocolate mocha frap double blended, carmel frap double blended no whip extra carmel. I only allow myslef 1 a week because they are my weakness. Sometimes I think I have autopilot on my car because I will end up in the drive thru and was not suppose to be there. lol. Thanks for stopping by at www.Makazhome.com

  11. Sorry that I can't help. I've never been to Starbucks. But probably because I don't like or drink coffee or anything coffee flavored.

  12. @Makalani Adolpho, PLC - thanks for adding your faves and that's so funny your car is on autopilot straight to Starbucks!

    @Kim - Glad to hear I'm not the only one that doesn't go there, but it's strange cause I like coffee.

  13. I don't like coffe, but I do love their caramel frappacinos (sp). Yummm!!

  14. Caramel Frappacino in the summer. Caramel Machiato in the winter. YUM! :)


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